iPod Upgrade.

My girl,Nefatari, is at it again! She recently dropped a mixtape called iPod Upgrade! The mixtape includes 6 tracks to upgrade you iPod experience! Nef is on her way to the top, don't be left behind! This 'tape is a good intro for those of you who are not up on Nefatari and her music! I love how she can get a song and flip it and make it her own like Always Strapped and Make Me Better. Dope shit! Download the mixtape and get into this!!!!!!! Shout out to the homie J Dot!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


Anonymous said…
People should not sleep on this mixtape. "Want him" and "They don't know me" are the best tracks on the CD and def match any of the Pop/R&B hits on the radio today.

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