Team Amber Rose-relapse!

I tried. I tried really hard to not post about Amber Rose or KanYe. I was really disappointed by their behavior at the VMAs, but I saw these beautiful and dope pics of Amber Rose and I...I-relapsed. I just had to post them!Still a little upset with those two, but I'm getting over it.

Well, I don't know what magazine these photos are from but I will say that I am sick of mags featuring Amber and constantly referenceing the fact that she is dating KanYe. The chick got a Ford Modeling contract, focus on her being a model and not a rapper's girlfriend. Yes, I understand she wouldn't have gotten the contract if she wasn't KanYe's girl but damnit, she got the contract so now she's Amber Rose the Model and not Amber Rose the Girlfriend! Ugh, anywho, enjoy the pics!

...I'm avoiding posting on her...she's still on punishment.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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