Thoughts of Es: The Thin Line between Sarcasm & Rudeness.

For some odd reason, the thin line between being sarcastic and being rude has been on my mind. I'm from New England and up there, we are very sarcastic people. Like when you're born, your first language is sarcasm than English. When we speak sarcastically, some people think it's rude but it's not, we're not being literal.

But there is an art to sarcasm. Not just anyone can say something and it's sarcastic. Sometimes it's just rude. Sarcasm is like a verbal illusion. What we're saying could very well be true but in the situation you know it's not. Only really smart people can understand sarcasm. Try being sarcastic to someone who is dumb or mad sensitive, they think what you're saying is for real and either get defense or start crying. When really, you was just playing with them.

My whole family is sarcastic, my friends are, I'm around it all day. It's just that lately, I've seen and heard a lot of people crossing the line...the very thin line. I make sure not to cross it. I may cross it with fam and close friends but with like people online or that I just met, I kinda hold back a little. Which sucks because won't see how crazy and funny I am. But people are just straight assholes lately. Like there are some things you just don't say! Like "I can't wait til you die" and then you laugh? Nooooo that's wrong! So if have not mastered the art of sarcasm, stop trying to and just play nice. Cause when you cross the thin line...don't be surprised when ya 6 feet under. And I'm not being sarcastic. =D

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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