Why I can't do drugs....

As a young adult living in this society, I am constantly ask about drugs and if I use them. I know many people who do and don't for whatever. As for me, I don't do drugs and I have my reasons. Let's review them!

+I can't smoke cause I have asthma. As soon as I inhale, I will probably just fall back and pass out.
+I can't snort crack. I hate the feeling of something in my nose.
+I can't lick/eat crack or LSD. I know it don't taste like sugar.
+I can't use meth. I hate needles.
+I hate popping pills...even if it's to save my life.
+And yes, they tell us in school that alcohol is a drug...but I do be getting thirsty at times...lol

Now you know why I can't join the rest of you and do drugs! lol Just give me some candy, and I'm straight! lol

and blame Ace Billionaire for this post! lol

LOL...Its a HERB!- @AceBillionaire lmao!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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