Chris Brown: 'Crawl' video & Wendy Williams interview.

Here's the video for the very dope single from Chris titled Crawl. I love that freakin song. Wendy got the exclusive first-lucky her! As far as the video, it's nice and simple. Um Cassie did a good job...I guess. She really just smiled and walked around. lol But I like Chris in the video. I was hoping he wouldn't bust out into dance...but towards the end of the vid-he did. Damn Chris! You don't always have to dance everywhere. My favorite part of the video was when him and the little kid started jerkin'-too cute! Again, nice video.

Interview, was good. Wendy knows how to hold down a good interview anot make people feel uncomfortable. "I love women!"-we know Chris...we know! lol Ok people, enjoy!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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