DOI:Death of the Industry Part II.

I knew it! I just knew some shit would happen like this would happen eventually. I look at this industry and cry sometimes...not really but my eyes do water up. It's so bad that it has come down to a situation like this. Get the Kleenex out-this is a sad day for Hip Hop.

Today, one of Hip Hop new and brightest stars, Wale, has dropped his debut album Attention Deficit. But the only way for most of us Wale fans to cop the album is...get ready for it...on iTunes! Best Buy don't have it. Target don't have it. All our favorite record stores closed down like at the beginning of the recession so can't even go to one of those to cop the album. I got a job. I got money. I got love for Wale. I got love for Hip Hop music. Put that all together-you get a Wale fan and music fan in general who wants to purchase an this RECESSION! Why can't I buy the album! I don't wanna go on freakin iTunes and have a digital copy of it! I want to feel the coldness of the CD case in my hands and play the CD in my stero and play it til it gets hot enough to re-heat my coffee and blast the album from my boombox-not my damn iPod and headphones!

I love technology-dont get me wrong. I thank God for it all the time but damnit I want that album in my hands not just on my computer. Interscope done fucked up now! This album should have been all over the world in stores in abundance! Best Buy and Target should be flooded with this album! What is this industry coming to? I'm all for putting music online but it's nice to have an actual CD! I can't passed down classic dope shit to my children and grandchildren in a form of mp3 files! I like to look in the booklet and read the credits and check out the artwork-it's part of the damn experience! The experience of experiencing the music!

So apparently Wale said on twitter that Interscope is working on getting the album in stores for real this time. lol smh aww damn. Is this industry in which I loved for so long coming to an end already? Crap. lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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