Review: 'New Moon' & 'Precious' Movies.

So today, got a call from my girlie Viv and she wanted me to go to the movies with her. Asked pops if it was cool, he said yea. So i got dressed and hopped in the car with the girlie. We went to go see New Moon but when we got to the theater, we were like we will see whatever movie starts first. It was New Moon. And I tried really hard not to get into the Twilight hype thus trying really hard not to see this movie...but once again, I'm glad my girl made me see's my review on New Moon...
Belle dumb as fuck. Edward is an ass. Jacob is fine as hell and one hell of a friend. Team Jacob.I run with wolves. Fuck vampires.

And that's all I have to say. The movie pretty much sucked. I think only true Twilight feens can appreciate the movie. I only like the movie because of Taylor Lauter. He is so damn fine and he was shirtless like a good 55% of the time-fuck yea. Fellas, dont bring your chick to see Twilight. She will leave after she sees Jacob. I wanna date werewolf.

So after New Moon ended, by the way, that shit is long as hell! it was like 2+hours long. smh. We were walking out and Viv looks up and is like "Hmm, it's 7:20. Precious at 7:15, shittttt let's go!" Yup we snuck into Precious. dopegirlshit. Now when I saw the trailer for this movie before it came out, I thought "Damn, I don't wanna see this movie. People gonna cryin' in the movie theater and shit. It's gonna be sad as fuck." And when it dropped, people were saying that they cried. I think they lying. This is one of the funniest movies ever! I wanna go and watch it again! Precious is not the one to play with! Her situation was sad but she was funny as hell. All the characters had jokes! I was dying in the theater. Like on the floor, slapping my knee, kicking laughing so hard! But there were def some parts were I was like 0_0. Like her parents are pretty fucked up-no pun intended. But I like that she knew that there was a better way to live life and that she could get it if she really wanted to. It was a great story to tell. Def makes you appreciate what you have that much more and gives you hope that a brighter day is on the way. Shout out Gabourey and Monique who did an excellent job in the movie-they both deserves Oscars! One of my favorite movies all of time. I'm copping it when it's on DVD.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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