Review: Rich Hil x Don Cannon's 'Limos Were Cool In The 90s' Mixtape.

On November 23, 2009...history was made by a hippie. My homie, Rich Hil, dropped his long awaited mixtape with Don Cannon that Monday. Boy do you know how hype I was for this to drop? Like the hippies have been waiting for this for so long. We were feenin for this dopeness. And we got it. Mannnnnn, this mixtape is so dope. It's...beyond dope. I never said that about anything EVER!

I'm so happy for Rich and the Limos crew for the success of this mixtape. We stand at 4388 downloads right now and maybe to some other rapper, that's nothing but to us-that's love. So many people were tweeting and blogging about it. The 'tape got so much love. It's amazing! Like people who I've been trying to get to listen to Rich for the longest, downloaded the mixtape and said "Es, sorry for not listening to you the first time. Rich Hil is dope!" And of course I hit them with that side eye real quick! lol But I probably heard about 99.9% of all the music Rich has put out (if not 100%)-just to let you know, that's a lot of freaking music, and this particular mixtape brought me back to that very moment when I first saw the name "Rich Hil" and watched his video for O's. Like I said on Twitter, this mixtape reminds me why I even rock with @RichHil to begin with.

Shout out to Don Cannon for putting such a good mixtape out with Rich. I loved Cannon before this mixtape but I really love him now! The mixtape captures everything Rich is in the most perfect way. It's the perfect mixtape to convert haters into believers. If you listen to this 'tape and don't at least like a good 8 of the tracks on it-you might wanna go get ya hearing checked! There's a song from everyone on this 'tape. And yes, us hippies knew about some of the songs on the 'tape from before because Rich leaked them BUT doesn't take away from the fact that the 'tape is well put together and dope. And I almost transformed into an angry black woman when I saw a tweet from someone like "Oh cool mixtape, but we still need some new shit!" How dare you? Rich leaks shitloads of dope new music to us like every week and now we get a mixtape and you complaining? Fuck outta here. Yall need to learn how to appreciate artists who appreciate you. Even though this mixtape is a big accomplishment for Rich, the best is yet to come. This is only the beginning. 4k will turn into 10k then 100k downloads. The number of hippies will be off the charts. People will have no choice but to rock with the hippie. You don't need album sales, Grammy's, hype, to be a legend in this industry. Just stay true to yourself and keep grindin'...people will soon take notice and respect the movement. I've been listening to this mixtape everyday since it has dropped and I will probably never get sick of it. I never get sick of dopeshit.

Trust, I don't do these reviews to blow up the artists' heads or anything. People always ask me what I think about music, so this is me telling you what I think. I don't write reviews on Rich's music to be "on" or anything. Besides the fact that I'm already..."on", I truly believe in him and his music and he has so much potential to be as legendary as his idols. And if I can help him get to that legendary status by writing a review or just letting a friend listen to him on my iPod-then so be it. And that goes for any artist that has ever rocked with me and what I do.

Rich, I love you. I got you. We flyin higher than ever! Limosss...til the casket drops.

Tracks to Listen to: all of them. But Rich did ask us what our favorite song off the mixtape was and I said Leaning on My Reup. Fun fact:Rich made that beat. He's such a dopeboy.
"Rich Hil's sound is as important to his psychedelic listener as the thick mellow medicine that fills the air."

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


brickjames said…
Woww.. that's some real talk right there. You go es!
I saw this mixtape posted on some blog, listened to it and became a reformed hippie right there. Downloaded all the other mixtapes and shit and i gotta say, rich hil is on some other level type shit. dude's very talented. Limoossss!
Es said…
you just made my day with this comment! thank you and welcome to Electric Limo Land! lol

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