Review: Rihanna's 'Rated R' Album.

*here's a little secret. when I do these reviews, I play the mixtape or album and blast. I try not to listen to, I try to feel it.

I knew this was gonna happen. It always does. I always have the exact OPPOSITE opinion about an album or mixtape than the rest of the world. S-M-H! So the rest of you aren't really messin' with Rihanna's lastest album, Rated R. And I don't really know why. Like no one is giving a real reason for not liking it. People just saying it's not hot. I think this album is the shit! Riri went off in this album! Like this is one of the hottest albums I've heard in a while. I like this album wayyyyyyyyyyyyy better than Good Girl Gone Bad. I hated that album. On that album, she was so fuckin Pop, I hate when R&B/Hip Hop go extremely Pop on an album.

But on this album, she went to the dark side and had this R&B/Hip Hop/Rock fused vibe throughout. I think Rihanna has finally found her sound. If keep dropping heat like this, I just might become a stan. Everyone thinks she worships the devil (God forgive you people) because of the dark and eerie lyrics in some of the songs. Metaphors people...metaphors. All lyrics aren't meant to be taken literal. Let's remember people, music is art. But she did find a good balance between dark and light vibes on this album. From lighter songs like Photographs and Te Amo to the more dark and heavy tracks like Rockstar 101 and G4L, she found a happy medium thus possible finding her signature sound. Lyrics are on point! Do you know how many quotes I have from this album alone?! lol Shout out to Neyo, Justin Timberlake, and all the other writers on this album. Dope shit. The production? *starts shaking like a spaceship taking off*YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Some of the illest production on a female artist's album ever. Production was ill. Vocals, she has improved. Her range became better and her voice seems stronger. I love how she is singing with her Carribean accent more now. It separates her from the rest of the "poppers". I'm sorry, but I really don't with too much Pop like that. I only rock with Gaga.

But I think that this was a very very good album besides what the rest of yall say. Fuck Def Jam for trying to sell her album for $0.99! WTF? This album is worth more than that. I really tried to avoid copping the leaked verison but I was left with no choice. Last paycheck went dry real quick. But I was very close to purchasing it. I might still. Yes, it's that dope. Everyone is just being followers when it comes to hating on this album. None of you have valid reasons for hating it. Stop following the crowd and stand alone. She exploded with the last album but that album wasn't really Rihanna. This album was obivously a lot more personal and true to herself. It's a shame that people can't appreciate that. She said when she was making this album, she cried. With songs like Cold Case Love and The Last Song, I almost cried listening to it. And even though music does something to me physically, it's very rare for me to listen to a song and be almost brought to tears. This is def my favorite album from Rihanna and one of my favorite albums ever. dopegirlRiri, congrats on a job well done.

Tracks to listen to: the only song I actually skip on this whole album is Stupid In Love. It's the weakest song on the album. She should have replaced it with the leaked song, Hole In My Head ft. Justin Timberlake. Besides that, you should listen to all the other tracks. Yup, the album is that good.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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