Rihanna & Chris Brown:The Interviews.

The storm is coming to an end. Both have said their peace and it's time for all of us to look towards the future-but before we do that, I would actually like to put my two cents in. *drops 2 cents in jar* Ok, so I know that I vowed to not speak on this situation ever again but when I said that, it was because there was just an overkill of opinions and all that on and offline. And I didn't think the two of them would do such open interviews on the situation. So because they did do the interviews, I am going to erase that vow and like I said, put my two cents in. *drops 2 cents in jar* Damn that's 4 cents now! *takes back 2 cents* It's a recession!

On with the opinions!

Ok, I would like to remind everyone that when I first heard that Chris Brown and Rihanna were dating I waved my hands in the air and said, "Nooooooo! Don't do it!" I had my reasons back then but I just felt like they weren't a good match. They are too much alike in my eyes. Both young and famous. But they ended up dating for like 2 years until...you know February. We all know what happened, no need to say it over and over again. So I knew when I heard about this Rihanna 20/20 interview and her "breaking her silence", I was like "Oh lord she gon' give us every detail of that night." I personally think that those parts of the interviews where she told us the details were ridiculous. Because no matter how descriptive she recalls the event, we still won't know exactly what happened, so why waste energy tryna tell us? Like they say, there's three sides to every story. In this case, there's her side, his side, and the truth. So the details, can be left out from now on. We don't need to know how he beat her up. Doesn't matter if he scratched her, beat her with a baseball bat, played patty cake in her face-he beat her up, it was wrong-enough said.

Rihanna's interview was rather interesting. After getting over laughing at her accent because I didn't realize it would be that freakin thick! *busts out laughing at the memory* Her words didn't really phase me. It was her body language and facial expressions. The saying "Actions speak louder than words" was very evident in her interview.Watch the interview again, don't worry I'll put the videos up. Don't really focus on what she's saying-just look at her. This girl still has very present feelings about this situation. She can say she's strong and "over" Chris or whatever but she's not doing a good job of showing it. She shouldn't go into acting. I think that if she was left in a room with him around the time of the interview, she would have probably Whoop'd Rico him. I was watching the interview like "Damnnnnn he gon made her into a mad black woman!" Her attitude and aggression is like on a hundred thousand trillion and you can see it all in her face. She looked like she was out for blood...some 20 year old male blood. Maybe because she had to relive the event during the interview-idk. I'm glad she realized that getting back with Chris was a bad idea and how it sent the wrong message to other girls who may be in a abusive relationship. I'm glad it brought her to tears. If I didn't see tears in her eyes, I would have thought she didn't give a damn. It was good interview though. Nice way to break her silence.

Now to Chris's interview with MTV's Sway (who I adore for some odd reason lol). When it comes to Chris, I will always have a soft spot for him. I followed his career since it basically started and he was the very first artist who I wanted to promote thus helping me discover my love for marketing and promotions and all that good stuff. So unlike many of you ladies who crossed Breezy off ya "Famous people I like" list, he stayed on mine. He just moved down some spots. So anyways watching the interview you can obviously tell he is becoming a better man ("changed man") and is truly learning from his actions. I didn't watch the Larry King interview because first off, I would have had to watch it with my parents...yeaaa. Then I just thought it was ridiculous for him to do it and he seemed nervous and awkward in the interview...with that blue sweater and bow tie. smh. But this interview the questions were better, so was the setting. No mama or attorney to watch over him and he could just say what's real. This was a good interview and he explained himself as far as the "OPPS" chain, which I thought was cute after he explained it. And the twitpic'n of him doing community service-he's trying to show us that he is putting in work to be a better person. I feel like everyone needs to calm the fuck down and stop making him out to be a monster. He beat her up but he has face the consquences for it and knows it was wrong and will try his best not to do anything like that again-so why you still red in the face and angry? If God can forgive-eff fogiving him, he aint beat ya ass up! Shit the only person who has a right to be anger is Rihanna. I'm not saying that it's ok for violence and abuse to happen but I do know that the more negativity we bring to a situation the worse it will become and nothing will come out of it. So let's look at the positive and learn our lessons and keep it MOVING! Best of luck to the both of them in their careers and in their lives in general. I'll post the interviews next.

*drops 2 cents in jar* Yall can have all 4 cents. Just tryna help you out! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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