Rihanna's silent bubble-has popped!

I bet 20/20 and Good Morning America screamed "SCOREEEEEEEEE!" when they got this interview. First off, Rihanna's current hair style is irritating my life. Just had to make that known to the world.

Ok, so everyone is like "Oh my God, oh my God" cause of this Rihanna interview airing tonight on ABC at 10pm EST. As for me, I'm only watching it cause it's my duty to as an entertainment blogger and cause I want to laugh. Like I said on twitter a couple of days ago, when Rihanna breaks her silence, I still wont be able to understand a word she is saying. But watching these GMA clips of the interview, I actually understand, but I can't stop laughing. God forgive me...God forgive us all. Anywho um so far I still don't have a steady opinion on what she's saying but I will say this just looking at her face and body lanuage, she is still very hurt and angry.

She can deny it up and down but you can see it. She (seems) anger that he did what he did and that she still got love for him. A lot of women can beat up by the men they love and say (and this shit irritates me), "But I still love him!" Like Rihanna said herself, "F*** love." But I will say it's easier said than done. And that alone probably angers her. As far as being sad and hurt-I think she is sad and a bit confused because the media....oh the media just blow up her private life. As a celebrity, she should have prepared herself for some shit like this to happen but then again even celebrities are just human like the rest of us. So I think it's the explosion of private life and that particular situation that saddens her. But ya know, I ain't a psychologist...just took a lot of psych classes. *shrugs*

Do I feel bad for Rihanna? Sure. It sucks to get beat up. I feel bad for anyone who gets beat up. BUTTTTTTTTTTT-she did kinda throw Chris under the bus. Yea, he DID beat the shit out of her BUT he DID get his punishment. Not only is he on probation and had to do community service, he lost fans and a rep that he worked so very hard for. She kinda made Chris out to be a monster...kinda. If she really wants him to be successful and stuff-use better English and stop throwing shade. Yea, I told her use better English-I'm ruthless.

So I will be tuning in tonight...taking mind notes and hopefully blog more about tomorrow after work. I will say this, I am planning on buying both Chris's and Rihanna's new albums. The music from both albums has been really good so far and you know what they say"What don't kill ya, sure damn makes you stronger!" Make that dope shit you two! lol

...she is in a dark and lonely place though...welcome to my life Riri! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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