Wale x Drake x Kid Cudi x GQ

"...I just walked in here, looking like the motherfuckin' Man of the Year"-Lil Wayne on Drake's Man of the Year

Three of my favorite MC's of the year and probably thee most hyped MC's of the year, Wale, Drizzy, and Cudi are in the Man of the Year issue of GQ Magazine. What do you have to do to be the Man of the Year anyways? Just asking. They all look very handsome in this pic. Mad at Drake's outfit. Fur collared jacket and...sweatpants? "Where they do that at?" Should have borrowed some Bape from Cudi or BBC from Wale. Just saying. And "Gangsta Killers"? ERROR! GQ, these three are some of thee least gangsta rappers in the game and they will be the first to tell you that. Not all Hip Hop is "gangsta". Do ya research! Good look though fellas!

...They so cute! Awwww! lol I love it when they smile! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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