Bethenny Frankel x PETA.

*note:I do not post nudity on her unless it part of some fashion spread ...or something like this. Unlike other so called "straight" female bloggers, I'm actually straight. Not into that bi-curious shit. No offense to anyone who is. =)

I loveeeeeeeeeeee The Real Housewives of New York City and I loveeeeeeeeeee Bethenny! She is hilarious and dope and beautiful. I know photoshop did help a lot in this photo but shit, everyone uses photoshop!At my job, at the Exhibition Center, we take pics of people before they walk in the exhibit so they can buy it later. We even photoshop there to fix people's hair and make them look better.Sho, Akon came to my job and they can to photoshop him to make him lighter (lmao!). So stop hating, Bethenny looks amazing! And she does stay fit-only people who watch the show would now. Dope ad! PETA really goes all out with these "Go Naked" ads! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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