Limo Time! Mega, Huge, Giant Edition! lol

"Richhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"-I always text or tweet him like that. lmao. Well, well, well! It's been a HOT minute since I've posted anything hippie related on this blog! As you know I post on and now But yea, my blog has been missing the hippie, so my lovely blog, here's some good ol Rich Hil dopeness! Rich has dropped another mixtape titled Limoprint hosted by Mike Waxx of! The mixtape is dopeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Also in true Rich Hil fashion, he has leaked some leaks. I mean c'mon, would he be Rich if he didn't? I think not! Also, since my loud cry to all media outlets, the hippie is getting press! More blogs are paying attention to him and his music and he is even getting some inteviews. This makes Es very happy. =D <-see? lol Rich has ANOTHER mixtape that will be dropping January 1st! Gotta start ya New Year right with some Rich Hil! Duhhhhh! So here's what I'ma do, I'm post as much as I can in this post! Hopefully it will be enough to catch yall up with the rest of us hippies if you have been slippin'!

Leaks[there have been leaks than the ones listed but the links expired.fuck usershare. lol]:
Bold As Love
All the Lonely Girls (Eleanor Rigby Remix)
La La Freestyle (Daft Punk x The Neptunes Remix)
Pretty Baby
Me Gustas Marijuana
Welcome to My Nightmare
Thanks For Letting Me Live
Legalize It ft. Boo Bonic
Alive (The Bird & The Bee Remix)
What They Do That For ft.Tyga

Rich Hil x Big Keef (interview)

Rich Hil x Bar Exam Radio from Urkelbot Brian Joseph on Vimeo.

And of course be sure to always check out and (which will transform in the new year!!!) for the latest on Rich Hil and the Limo Life Crew!


'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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