Review:Boo Bonic's The Curious Case Of Boo Bonic mixtape.

So, were you curious about what Boo Bonic from rapping duo Philly's Most Wanted was doing all this time? Wonder where he was? Well, he was in the studio making dope shit!

Bonic has dropped his first ever mix-yes, this is his first mixtape EVER! And of course, reppin Limos like I do, I posted it on Thanksgiving when dropped. So if you haven't downloaded it and fell in love with it already-what's wrong with you? And better download it now! And if you never heard of Philly's Most Wanted (wtf is wrong with you?) or Bonic, this mixtape is a great way to get familiar! Bonic isn't a rookie to Hip Hop so yea, ya kinda late.

Anywhooooooo-I love this mixtape! I know it may seem like I say that about every mixtape I review but I'm just being real. Bonic killed it on every track. Every song has it's own vibe to it yet the mixtape flows as a whole. He could have dropped this an album. *nods* yupppp! Production-yes we always gotta talk production, was illy! I know my homie Pete Rahk did quite a few beats on the 'tape, including one of my favs cause it goes so hard, 4 the curious. Loved the production and Bonic def knows how to hop up on any beat and murder it! Really this mixtape speaks for it's self. If you're curious, download and press play. It's as simple as that. Tracks to Listen to time!

Tracks to Listen to (i'ma start calling this Favs from the 'tape or something): cause these are the songs I put on repeat. But you should listen to the wholeeeeee tape. K? K.

4 the Curious
My Movie Score (love the production and the kids singing! lol)
Looking Good ft. Rich Hil
There They Go ft.School Boy Q & Rich Hil (GED INC x Limos bitch!)
What A Bad Bitch Look Like ft.Rich Hil
She Like It (this is my shiznit)
Back and Forth ft.Rich Hil (Bonic and Rich killed it!)

This is L-I-M-Osss.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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