I know the greatest rapper alive.

Ok so I promised my co-worker I would blog about this, even though he probably won't even see this but at least he'll know that I told you guys. So some of you know that I work at an exhibition center here in Atlanta. The Bodies/Dialog in the Dark one to be exact (come on down if you're in the A!). For Dialog in the Dark, we have blind or visually impaired guides that guide you through the darkness. It's a really dope experience. Anyways, one of the guides, Derek aka Big Daddy, is like one of the dopest people ever! Two of my other co-workers were in the exhibit and were talking about how he does poetry or something and then all of a sudden, he started rapping. He did like a whole song for them.'Mind you, this is in the dark. And when I say dark, I mean 100% pitch black-complete darkness.

So my co-workers come out and are just blown away and I'm like "What happened?" They start going on and on about like how dope Big Daddy can flow. They're like "Like, he was really spittin'!" And I thought they were joking because we're mad sarcastic, so I was laughing. I was like "Stop playing." But then my dude was like, "No. I'm let him rap for you." So after I clocked out and stuff, I went "into the darkness" and dude called Big Daddy over and Big Daddy is like "Ok, I'm do this song that I made for T.I. cuz I don't like his ass!" lmao. So I'm thinking "This has to be a joke."

He started rapping. My mouth just dropped. I was like this throughout the whole song =O .T.I. better watch out cause dude was snappin' on him. But like this dude can ACTUALLY rap! And the hook was funny! He was like "Bend over nigga, cause see I'm coming for that ass!" lmao Then he's like let me do another one. Now the 2nd song was what like really blew me away. It was like a story about a dopeboy (a real one. lol) and how the life of a dopeboy in the streets is. It was amazing. Like I wish I could have recorded to let you guys hear it.

After the free mini concert in the dark (lol), I walked out the exhibit and I couldn't even think straight. All I kept saying was "He needs to be heard. He needs to be heard. He needs to get in a studio NOW!" He has mastered the art of storytelling. He has flow that can knock some of your favorite rappers out the game. If I really worked hard on it, I will get him in a studio and then everyone will truly know the greatest rapper alive. Yes, he's that freakin good. And he's the kind of rapper we need in Hip Hop because a lot of these rappers claim to have lived the hood/street life but none of them really have evidence of it. A lot of rappers end up telling the same old story because they just see it and don't live it. Big Daddy was shot 5 times which led to him being blind. He's actually been in gang. He's not listening to other self proclaimed gangstas who are magically now rappers and saying what they're saying. He's telling his own story. It's raw and uncut and straight from the heart. If that's not Hip Hop, then what the hell is? And the way he tells his story is a way that young people can related to and know that there are better things out there than what they think there is. He knows how to reach and touch the youth in a way that won't make them feel like shit but still leave feeling educated and motivated to be better in life. Like that second song touched me and I'm in school and working and I feel like I took something from that story he told in that song. And plus the dude can rap his ass off!

And what made it even more amazing was being in the dark and listening to him.Like who really raps in the dark? lol But being in the dark and hearing him spit, you were forced to see and feel the story and not just hear it. Like in the second song about the dopeboy, you saw the boy dealing the drugs, messing with the guns, getting high off his own supply, running from the cops. At the end of the story, you saw him in the coffin. The darkness makes it so real and raw. I think they should have shows like that for real. But of course you would have to pat everyone down and make sure ain't nobody was "get things on and poppin'" if you know what I mean.

Like, I'm still amazed by it and this happened like two days ago. I can't get over it. I won't til he's in a studio and recorded a mixtape or something and I can post it on here.I'm getting him in a damn studio! He will be heard! The greatest people to ever do anything in this world will be the ones that you never know of. Like Big Daddy said "People say Michael Jordan is the best basketball player alive.No he's not. The best basketball player alive is the one you will never know of." But see when it comes to the greatest rapper alive, you will know him. I'll make sure of it. He has so much to say and so many lives to touch, especially for the young people out there. These are the kind of people we need young people listening to and reciting their verses on the trains and talking about it at the lunch table at school. People that can actually say something with meaning in a way that we can enjoy but walk away with a lesson learned. That's what I consider to be the true essence of Hip Hop and Rap. At least it's what I think it should be.

"A blind man thinks 24/7" -Big Daddy

We said that should be the name of his mixtape. lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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