Jay-Z and his videos...

This video ..."On To The Next One" ...smh. I'll give it an E for Effort but like wtf? This was def on some other shit. And what's up with everyone having this milky substance dripping and dropping in their videos and on the floor and shit? Is that art? Idk. I know that after Don Cannon watched the video, he was twitter and was a bit offended by the image of Jesus on the cross and a bullet on each side of Jesus. Yall see that? Who directed this? Why did Jay approve of this? Like I said, E for Effort but next time, don't try to hard to be "out of the box". Just do you

This video, "Young Forever" ...*yawns* yea that's all I have to say. But always lovely to see the youth in videos! I love being young!

"Niggas like my old shit, buy my old albums"-Jay-Z

Well Hov, ya old shit was good and wasn't weird! =P

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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