Kid Cudi x Karmaloop.

Just because Cudder Times' are over on this blog does not mean I won't post anything Cudder related! To be honest I have been a tad bit annoyed with the Moon Man because I keep seeing and hearing about him acting like some street kid and as if he "ain't got no sense"! He like kinda gets arrested and like kinda punches some fan in the face and kinda acts stupid at times. It's really annoying. I know sometimes new artists go Hollywood on us but he's kinda going Hollyweird. He needs to find the ground and stay on it for a while til he wants to act like a normal human being. I say what I say out of love.Don't kill the blogger.

Anywho, Cudi chats up with Karmaloop and talks his next album-which he says will drop latest this summer but knowing artists and their labels, expect the next album next year. Like how we were suppose to already have Drake's "Thank Me Later" in Dec.09. Do we have it? No. I can't wait to hear the joint Cudi did with Pharrell. Been waiting for a Cudi and Pharrell track for like ever! And when Cudi was talking about the new him vs the old him-basically, he didn't change. Well he did. He changed his clothes.

When I hear more concrete info on this new album of his, maybe I'll bring back Cudder Times'. Maybe.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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