Limo Time! Leak Edition!

It's Limo time all the time over here-bitchesssssssss! I'm mad the first thing I thought when I looked at this pic is "Damn, his hair is growing." lol Anywho, I decided that like every 5 to 7 leaks, I'll post them on here for a big o Limo Time post. Cause yall know Rich leaks like everyday-real talk. And again, like I always say, if you are NOT up on some Rich Hil and his hippie vibes-you smoking the wrong shit. Get up on this dopeness! It's for the people! This is L.I.M.Osss. Shout out to La Familia Limosa Nostra: Proper, Bonic, Phlo, and Sick. I feel like I barely show them love on here.=/ lol ok, now to the music!

Rich Hil x Nneka-Uncomfortable Truth Remix [don't quote me but i do believe that is a Nneka song.Sounds like her]
Rich Hil-I Don't Mind [love this track!]
Rich Hil-For A Reason [prod. by Kid Starr]

Enjoy this shipment of hippie vibes. 2010, Limos is taking over!
also be sure to check on the daily for the latest on Rich Hil!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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