Limo Time! Mixtape Edition!

Shh! I know I'm late on posting this. Yall know my situation! lol But dopeshit never expires soooooo, I'm posting it now. At least I'm posting it people! Anywho, the hippie has dropped a prelude to his highly anticipated ALBUM( yea, I think it's gonna be an album) Limosa Nostra! Cause you know how us hippies get when we wait too long ...we're like crackheads. So this prelude is pretty friggin dope! And Uncle Panther of Grindhouse Studios is pretty friggin hilarious! Love the vibe of this 'tape! Download and enjoy now! And if this is your first encounter with Rich Hil (and possibly my blog)-where have you been? And download this mixtape-you won't be disappointed.
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'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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