Off The Hook.

From one music fan to another, on some real shit, this mixtape is pretty effin amazing. I never heard of the group Telephoned but when I found this, something told me to download it. I'm glad I did. This is like one of the illest mixtapes I ever heard. They took some radio famous songs which I hated and made me love it. Yup, that freakin' dope. Maggie Horn and Sam Bananas are freakin geniuses.Like if ever have parties when I move out of my folks' place, I'm playing this 'tape all night (and plus some Rich Hil lol).I'm loving this shit right now. Fool's Gold be having the dopest artists, I swear. This is just amazing.My favorite track is Breakfast, that shit is funny. I'm instantly a fan of them. All musicians-step ya shit up. This is a must download!

Download this mixtape and I wanna hear from you guys (all 3 of yall. lol); I wanna know what you think of this mixtape and be honest. Don't let my opinion determine yours. Comment on the post!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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