Weezy's Last Performance ...before he goes to jail.

Here's some footage from what appears to be Wayne's last performance before heading off to jail. I'll put money on it that he won't be in there for a year. Anywho, of course all of Young Money was there and Young Money does what they know how to do best-put on a great show. You at first I was like "uhhhhh I don't know about YM." But I can't even lie, what they are doing is pretty dope and they are kinda running shit. Always love to see the homie Tyga! Also it was my first time seeing Short Dawg ...he's a cutie! He's pretty dope as well. Def looking forward to hear some solo tracks from him. Watch and enjoy!

"YM, muthafucka why hate it?!" -Weezy

Soooo when are the "Free Weezy" shirts coming out? Still didn't get my "Free T.I." one yet. HA! lol
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'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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