Charles Discharged.

Charles Discharged from jeff on Vimeo.
I died a dead death.

Someone said that on tumblr in response to this hilarious pic! That's bascially my thought when I saw this! lol Charles Hamilton is such a character, gotta love it. In the mist of all the bullshit he went through with his label and people just shittin on him, I still liked him.He IS talented.Yea, he talks a LOT of shit and rubs people the wrong way but you can't deny that this dude has some skill.He's like KanYe. *kanye shrugs* And I missed C.Hamilton.He really like, disappered! lol Charles teamed up with ItsTheReal to poke fun at his situation.To laugh about your bad circumstances is always a good thing.Laughter is the best medicine.But this had me dying though! I was in my school library looking crazy laughing a this! lolThis is dope-enjoy!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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