DOI:Death Of the Industry Part II.

I don't even know if I did the first part like "Part I" or anything.I'm too lazy to search the blog for

It's another sad day in Hip Hop.Or shall I say when XXL released the 8th video of the Freshman 10, it was a sad day in Hip Hop.Although XXL does not show the face or give the name of the MC's in the videos, we all knew who it was.OJ Da Juiceman.Like I said on Twitter:"the ppl at XXL who put OJ Da Juiceman in the Freshmen 10 know that they are going to Hip Hop Hell right? smh." Like they all have a scholarship and one way ticket to Hip Hop Hell.I looked at some tweets from others, checked out a few blogs, and even looked at the comments on the video itself.NO ONE agreed with the choice of OJ Da Juiceman as a member of this Freshmen class.NO ONE.Not a single person said,"Yo, that was a good choice! OJ is the shit"-naw none of that.

Who picks out the Freshmen? Why aren't the people the ones to choose the MC's that go on this list? Or even, why aren't bloggers and other hip hop media people the ones to choose the people on the list? If anyone would know who's next up in the game, it would be us!We hear songs, before the radio does! We get it in our emails daily! This is ridiculous-is this a prank? Like did yall even hear his freestyle? After he spit that "hot 16" which was more like a luke warm 4, XXL should have been like "Soooo maybe we made a mistake." I would have taken him off-if I had anything to do with it, he wouldn't have even been considered for the list. XXL must have had a cocaine party the day they put him on the list.

Don't get me wrong, OJ Da Juiceman, Gucci, Wacka Flocka Flame, and the rest of these ATL fools make good "i'm so high and fucked up I'll dance to anything" music.They do.But as far as being the future of Hip Hop, we will forget these so called MC's (maybe not Gucci but...) by next year.If not, then by the summer.They are not the future of Hip Hop! I don't even want to consider them Hip Hop.Snap/Crunk/WhateverTheFuckYouWantToCallIt music should be a whole different genre! What about their music is Hip Hop besides the "party" aspect of it? There's no depth, no realness, no-there's nothing! They are barely even rapping! My nieces could drop a mixtape hotter than their albums and mixtapes combined! Try me, I'll get those little ones in the booth! It's getting ridiculous, like I kinda want to throw up.This shit disgusts me.

But let's look at the bigger picture and what this situation really means for Hip Hop.
This means that if you an MC and you actually have talent, like you can actually spit some serious bars, you will not be successful in this industry.UNLESS you get a co-sign from some rapper like KanYe or Wayne, make some shitty song to go on the radio, and have your video on 106 & Park. Basically, if there is no mainstream hype around your name and music, you are a nobody.You are not "talented" in the eyes of this industry.You might have millions of fans world wide.Get plenty of internet buzz and press.Your mixtapes might have millions of downloads, but if you don't have hype, you are nothing.

Drake for example-you think he just started rapping when he met Wayne? No.He was rapping since Degrassi-shit he was rapping IN Degrassi! He had internet buzz, he had fans, but no one gave a damn about him till he was with Wayne. Same thing with Kid Cudi! Was making music, had fans, internet knew about him, meets KanYe-BAM! Kid Cudi becomes a household name.This industry has twisted what Hip Hop really is. Talent needs to be recognized before hype is.I know artists who were trying to get signed and the labels would basically tell the artists "Get your hype up and then we'll give you a deal" What the flying fuck? Really? I understand, you want artists who will make you money.But fuck the money, this is music.This is art.This is what saves lives and gives people hope and brings them happiness.It's Hip Hop! Stop trying to water down what Hip Hop truly is and what it embodies and how it affects people.PLEASE! I beg you.

The industry has fucked up the minds of consumers to think trash is gold. The real gold is out there, it's shining! The people see it.The people want it.But the industry doesn't give two shits about it. The gold is MC's that are in the studio day in and day out.The gold is the MC's who will do a show every night of the year if they could.The gold is the MC's who would rather do a show for the people who love their music than to be paid to hold a bottle of some shit and tell people to buy it.I see the gold.I talk to the gold every damn day!I see their struggles and their success.Why doesn't the industry? This is why the words "Hip Hop is Dead" can come out of people's mouths.I don't think Hip Hop is dead, it's been abused over and over again.Beaten up & raped.Hip Hop is lost and confused.And I honestly feel like the only people who can truly save it is the people and the MC's who do what they do for the people and because the truly love to do it.Not the money hungry MC's and CEOs of the industry.They are the criminals of this crime.

In conclusion, I hope that all that I've said penetrates the brains of some of the people is this industry and the people.Things need to change.Things to change now.FUCK HYPE(I'ma make a shirt that says that).PRAISE TALENT!(and that too lol).Hip Hop is like a crackhead the way it is now.Stop trying to make fast money and start making history.I'm sure all these talentless rappers are cool people.Probably fun to party and get fucked up with but right now, they are taking up space.Hip Hop doesn't need anyone to fill in spots right now.We have PLENTY of good, dope rappers in this world.We just need to give them the shine they need.I would like to apoloize to the other MC's in the Freshmen 10 for having to be in the same category as OJ Da Juiceman.You guys are 10x better than that and XXL did you dirty.I had nothing to do with that list but I feel like someone had to say sorry to you.

I've dreamed of being in this industry my whole life.I've studied it's ways since I could read.I watched it become this monster.I hate to love this industry.It's like seeing your hero just, fall and slowly die or drugged out and commit suicide.But I still hope and dream to be a force in this industry.Cause maybe I can still save it.Maybe others like me can do bigger and better things and save it.No matter how bad it gets, I will never give up on this industry.Never.

Dear Hip Hop,
                      Get well soon.We need you.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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