"Es, here is my music."

K, rappers.Let's talk.Let's disssscussss a lil something something. I know I have two emails and it may get confusing on where to send music submissions.Here's what I want you to do, send a brief bio (very brief one please.no best seller novel type shit), send me LINKS (must me a link like a limelinx, mediafire, zshare etc) to singles AND mixtapes, and finally put some pics. As far as the singles and mixtapes, I really need the singles to just hear you and if I like the singles, I'll check out the mixtape. Mixtapes are too big of files  for me to be just downloading to just "hear it", if you know what I mean.

So type that up and send it to es@thegirltheycalles.com. Right after you do that, TWEET ME! I have like literally 5 or 6 different emails to be checking, so if you really want me to check it out and to check it out asap, tweet me @ twitter.com/thegirlEs and I will check my blog email. So now you guys have a way of telling me "Yo Es, check ya email, I sent you something". And now you can't be mad at me if I don't check it out if you dont tweet me. You're bad. Not mine. *kanye shrug*

People, don't send just any ol track. Send me DOPENESS! I can tell when you just look through ya mp3 files  and be like "Uhhh let me just give her this one!" No, don't give it to me. Send me ya hottest tracks and projects. As far as mixtapes, send me that latest ones. Don't beg me either to post one you.If ya dope, I post.Trust. So just hit me up with dopeness and I'll post it!

All music submissions are read and listened to by me. just an fyi!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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