Imma Be & Rock That Body.

Mannnnn if BEP aint on some futuristic swag shit-I don't know who is.And they do it so flawlessly. Like some people try to be all futuristic and shit and it looks tacky.When BEP does it I'm like, "I wanna go the to futureeeeeeeee!" Imma Be is soooooo dope! Loved it when they performed it at this year's Grammys.And Fergie is the shit! Can't nobody tell me different! At first when she joined BEP I was like,"Damn! They done fucked up now" But without her versatility and swag, they would not be where they are now.I mean the dudes are dope as well, but them all together is some powerful shit.Yea, BEP kinda runs the charts and the industry-period.

But I'm mad I thought all the guys in the video dancing on the street were Kid Cudi. =/ lol Enjoy suckas!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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