Kid Cudi x Karmaloop.

I wanna work for Karmaloop. ...Anywho, I think Cudi is gonna be my new Pharrell soon. Whenever Pharrell speaks, I listen. Pharrell HAD to be one of the Three Wise Men that went to Jesus in another lifetime cause man does he speak the truth. But the reason when Cudi will be like Pharrell is to me is because he always speaks the truth and can recognize his wrongs and learn from them and keep it moving.Also because he is actually paying attention to his fans and how they feel about him and his music. What he said about his fans it very true. Like if he did get a arrested, I would be bumped out allllllll day.

OMG, remember when he said he was gonna retire? Ask my friends, I was so sad. Like I shed A tear. But I was pretty much bumped out until I heard the news that he wasn't gonna retire anymore.

We need more artists in this industry like Cudi who actually give a damn about their fans. There are a alot of artists who will give thanx to the fans when they get an award or say "I love yall" at a concert, but at the end of the day-they could give two shits about the people. And the people know this. Dope interview, glad to hear about Cudi working on the new album.It better be just as dope as the last one or we gon be rioting for real! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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