Laws. Did I miss something?

Don Cannon Says "Laws IS Hip-Hop" from @DecaturDan on Vimeo.
Who is this dude? Omg, how did I miss this?! Es never misses new dopeness! I might not blog about it all the time but I know of it! Uh-I feel bamboozled! So apparently he is signed with Justice League and has been doing his rap shit for a while and is known in the FL Hip Hop scene-how did I not know of this? Confused is what I am.Confused.Oh and he's 25 and is orginally from Brazil. Hip Hop got some interesting people entering the game.We got Drake, who's half black and Jewish. Cudi who's black and got some Mexican in him and now a Brazilian? Word to ya mother.I got two words-Obama Era.Lol.

Let me stop but from the music I've heard so far, he is pretty ill. I still wanna hear a complete project from him so I'ma wait for that 4:57pm to drop and see what Laws is about. He kinda reminds me of J.Cole jacked up on caffiene and Sour Patch Kids but gets picked last on the kickball team at school. If that makes ANY sense and I say that with all the kindness and love in my heart (and that amount has been questioned.).It may sound like a diss but it's not.Think about it. lol I'ma continue to do my research on him and listen to more of his material. But so far, very good.

p.s.CANNON CANNON! I love Don Cannon. I want be his assistant or something. Ugh! He's so dope!

And thank God he spells his name "Laws" and not "Lawz". I just had to point that out.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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