Limo Time! Round Up!

And we're back for another round up! This Round up is brought to you by the good people of Limo Life Music Group! Here we go!
Rich Hil-It's The Real [ATLien rmx]-put yo hands in the a-irrrr and and wave'em like you just don't ca-reee-i'm having a moment! Loved what Rich did with this.
Boo Bonic x Rich Hil-Do It Big- YO PUT THIS ON NOLIMOS.COM ASAP!-@boobonic This has been on repeat on my iPod since Bonic said in all caps (lol) for me to put this on already know how I love to hear Rich and Bonic on a track together.
Rich Hil-Early Morning Smoking -me and my girlie Viv have a new theme song for our ...*cough cough* you know. This shit goes hard though! Has also been in heavy rotation on the iPod.
Rich Hil-Cookies & Apple Juice Freestyle - ...he was bound to go over a Cam beat. I can hear Proper doing his impersonations now! lol dopeshit.

But omg people, let me go off for a sec. Let me have a moment. I'm a blogger.I'm a promoter.I market dopeshit, right? Right. When I have to post/promote anything, I like to have visuals to use aka photos! I'm a visual person. These photos aka bits of dopeness from this Rich Hil x John Walder (@cwhateyec) photoshoot ...give me LIFE two times! WHATTTT?! These pics are-the first thing I said when I saw them was "Fuck yea! Dope press pics!" Like, I'm about go ham promo wise with these pics! John Walder is a really dope photographer, like I looked at his portifilo and everything-dopeshit!I'm really happy about the pics (as you can see) and I'll get them on as soon as possible!-And he did a set with Boo Bonic!Do you know how hard it is to find a pic of Bonic when I need to post stuff? lol And people already know that I don't post ANYTHING without a pic. I have shitloads of drafts in my blog cause I can't find a pic! lol But yea, these photoshoot-illy! I'm excited! =D

this is Limos BITCH!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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