Limo Time! Round Up

Shut up.We already established I was gonna do Round Up's for Limo Time now.No, I'm not gonna explain why for the 100th time.Just deal with it.Love you! lol Ok, let's get into this.

Ricky Hil (i wonder if the guys mess around with him and call him Pretty Ricky! HA! that's would be funny) and Bonic just did the Leaders of the New Cool show in NYC [2/24]! And thanks to Bigg Keef! And amazing photos brought to us by the very dope photographer, John Walder! Enjoy people!

Also, Rich did an interview with F.A.D.E.D and this probably the best Rich Hil interview I've seen.He gets to explain alot like who he is and what Limos really means, which I am asked about WAY to many times! Not that I've been giving people the wrong answer but I think it's better to hear it from the hippie himself. And plus, he shouted me out ...even though he said blogspot 0_0. The my blog got a little anger ...she shouted "IM A BIG GIRL NOW! NO MORE BLOGSPOT!"-she was having a moment. Very dope interview!

F.A.D.E.D. Interview - Rich Hil from Marika Kiryap on Vimeo.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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