Lost Limos Part IV.

[link fixed] FYI, before I start getting into this-I dont like this link.Something is up and it's not working right, so when I figure this shit out and possible fix it, I'll switch the link out on here. Iight, Ricky Hil dropped the fourth installment of the Lost Limos mixtapes series. This 'tape is hosted by the dopeboy Grindtime Tommy. Can't speak on this tape too much now cause ...ready for it? I haven't listened to it yet *everyone gasps*Aint that about a bitch? lol I know right. I get tapes sometimes days or even weeks before it drops.So this is just horrible on my part. Once I finish this link shit, of course I'ma download it. But I don't even have to listen to it to know it's dope.Why?

1.It's Rich Hil. Rich Hil never fails the people. And never will.
2.If you see some of the beats he went on, like are you fucking kidding me? Some of the best beats out.
3.IT'S RICH! Like c'mon!

So yea, I know the hippies are high as hell listening to this and enjoying the shit out of this. I'm hella excited and happy that Rich dropped this and that he keeps proving to the masses that he is one of the hardest working ppl in this industry. Don't sleep on Hil, cause he aint even sleeping! lol And just a reminder to everyone, I am Ether.Ether is Es.Es is Ether. I rep Limos til the casket drops.We run this.My loyality to them is forever and always.Roger that? Copy that. Just wanted to clear that up. Iight, download the tape (if the link works for you) NOW!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


Anonymous said…
The link isnt working, could you upload another one? I only get like 4 songs in the folder....

Awsome blog, Keep it up!!
+m said…
you should use the N3Wschool alternative work i made i'd really appreciate it

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