May 25th.

BBBBBBBBBBBOOOOOOOBBBBBBBBB! Don't even get me startedon how much I love dude. Head over heels for him. He's such a dope artist! ATL needs to show him more love. Listening to this mixtape right now. I heard a few tracks from it before it dropped today. So far, mad dope. B.o.B is a genius. Love him. And anything DJ Drama touches is gold. Love him! I love that B.o.B had fellow up & comers such as Asher Roth, J,Cole, & Charles Hamilton. I still wanna hear a B.o.B & Cudi song. I think that would be some next level shit. While 'nuff blogging. I wanna enjoy this dopeness-and you should too!

dope fact-May 25th was the day I graduated from high school.=D Class of 08!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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