Mixtape Round Up.

Yurppppp, I'm back. School and life in general has been a bit hectic so please excuse my slackin'. I will make it up to you with this mixtape round up. Yea, I'm on my round up shit.lol I got three mixtapes for you and news of one coming soon. Ok, let's get into this.

Who the fuck is FKi? Who the fuck is FKi?
If you follow me on twitter like you're suppose to *cough cough*, you would know that I got this DOPE ASS internship with this DOPE ASS compnay here in the A, Come Up Kids. I'm so souped (old school New England slang) about it. Thanks to Fadia for giving me such a DOPE ASS opportunity. I'm sorry but there is no other way to describe this blessing than to keep saying DOPE ASS all the time. lmao. Okay so this DOP-I'll stop, the intership involves me doing marketing and promotions for this (i just have to do it) DOPE ASS group called FKi. I'll be honest, I didn't really know of FKi before this internship. I may have heard the name here and there but never listen to the music. But thank God for this internship cause LAWRDDD-it's about to be church up in here.

FKi is the hottest thing out of the ATL since Chicken & Waffles and even Magic City. I never been to Magic City for the record.I just heard to was ...what it was. lol. Back to the dopeness of FKi. If you didn't believe the South had some real talent, listen to FKi's Blue Steel 2.0 and you will become a believer. They are so ill with the flow, they be snappin and omg you guys, they produce! *drops everything and walks around the room and waves hands in the air* Oh helllll nawwww! I was like "SHUT THE SUPERFREAK UP!" lol Yall know I'm a sucker for dope ass production and that is exactly what they do-dope ass production. With features like Mickey Factz, XV, Rick Ross, Siya, and more, you already know-dont front! This is a must download. I was blasting this 'tape last night when it dropped in my room. I did not give a fuck who thought it was too loud, it's that dope. Yall know I know dopeshit.And this is dopeshit.Download now suckas!
FKi, who want it with us?

The long awaited mixtape from Curren$y and Don Cannon also dropped yesterday. *puts head down* Yall gon' be mad at me. I am YET to download this. I'm so sorry yall. I've been waiting for this like the rest of yall honestly, life happens. But as soon as I get home-this is being downloaded. Heard it was really dope, I knew it would be. It's Curren$y! It's Don Cannon! You thought it was gonna be lame? gtfo. lol So yea, I'ma download this asap. Stop throwing rocks at me already! =( lol

I heart Cudi and Green Lantern for this mixtape. I'm listening to it right now, it's so dope! First off, I'ma need my parents to cop HBO so I can watch this show cause it's gonna be dope as hell! The trailer was funny as hell, loved it. I def need to watch the show on the regular.Back to the mixtape, I love this mixtape because of the variety of genres and vibes on it. It's so diverse sound wise but yet not like a clusterfuck of music. And it all relates to the theme of "making it in America" It was arranged perfectly. Props to Green Lantern on that. Yea, I gotta download this as soon as I'm done downloading Smokee Robinson.This shit is amazing. Loving it. And I'm so proud and happy for Scott Mescudi (lol) on his acting debt! Can't wait to see it! Cudi could just act like himself and win an Oscar. lol Download this ppl!

Now yall should just automatically guess who's dropping a mixtape tonight. Want some clues?
+He drops mixtapes like America drops bombs on Iraq.All the time
+He leaks tracks twice as much as he drops mixtapes.
+He's from the CUT!
+And he's my friend and I love him. lol

Yes, people, it's none other than Rich Hil. He's at it again! He is dropping part four-opps, I mean part IV (lol) of the Lost Limos! Probably my favorite mixtape series ever! So excited for it to drop! Rich has leaked some serious, serious heat lately. Like someone said on twitter, Hil is a PROBLEM.He's going in and holding nothing back! So when the 'tape drops, I will def post it on here. Hopefully like right after you puts it out. Drops at midnight, on http://nolimos.com/ .

Yea, so I've decided to stay low on the mixtape reviews. It's hard to do reviews and be in school for some reason. Like my words aren't the same. Like I don't get excited enough and all analytical enough to really break down what I like and don't like about the mixtapes. Sorry rappers. I'll try to do some reviews soon. I know you guys really appreciate them and actually take what I say and apply it.And I thank you for that. Still send my music though, I'm always willing to post it if it is truly ...TRULY dope. =D Ok, that is all for this mixtape review.Enjoy all this dopeshit!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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