Red Bottoms.

I KNOW this beat from another song! Please tell me what song this beat was on too before I freak out!

Anywho, I don't who the fuck Ghostwridah is and looking at the name, I think it's suppose to be that way. I don't know.I usually don't like songs talking about girls and how they shop and all that shit cause it does nothing for me.I can't really relate cause I'm not materialistic like that but I'm feeling this song. I like the vibe and he wasn't just talking about her shopping habits and "big booty" but about her dreams and shit.So I can vibe and relate to this song somewhat.

Of course production by Don Cannon is dope-WHERE IS THIS BEAT FROM? lol But on some real shit, I want Cannon to teach me how to produce.I'm in the A, he's in the A-we can make this happen! I could be like his little producer appretince! lol Dope song, def will look more in to Ghostwridah and find out more on him.Seem dope so far.Enjoy!

p.s.I prefer Nike checks over red bottoms.dopegirlshit.rawr!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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