Review: The 52nd Grammys [Winner & other stuff].

Bam! Back with Part II of this funky fresh review. Omg I just said funky fresh.0_0 I'ma just make a list of the big awards that were televised and then comment. And list more award winners.

Record of the Year-Kings of Leon "Use Somebody"
Album of the Year-Taylor Swift "Fearless"
Song of the Year-Beyonce "Single Ladies"
Best New Artist-Zac Brown Band
Best Rap/Sung Collab-Jay-Z, KanYe West, & Rihanna "Run This Town"
Best R&B Collab-Jamie Foxx & T-Pain "Blame It"

That's all I can remember that was actually televised. Probably more but I don't feel like going through the big ass lists online. =P Kings of Leon deserved Record of the Year. I literally jumped up when they won.Justice was served.Album of the Year-fail. Against, BEP, Beyonce, AND Gaga, that Taylor of a Swift won? It was pity win. Bitch needs to thank KanYe for her career.Ugh! Don't get me started on that one. Song of the Year-that win was obivous. Best New Artist-yo I doubted the Zac Brown Band but then they performed-whattttt?????? They are actually kinda dope. Congrats to Hov, Ye, and Riri (yes, I used their nicknames) on the ...award they won. I'm getting lazy on the typing.Excuse my fuckery. Congrats to Jamie and T-Pain.I still hate "Blame It".

Other awards I give a damn about:
Best Rap Solo-Jay-Z "D.O.A"
Best Rap Performance by Group-Eminem, Dr.Dre, & 50 Cent "Crack A Bottle"
Best Rap Song-Jay-Z, KanYe, Rihanna "Run This Town"
Best Rap Album-Eminem "Relapse"

D.O.A deserved that Grammy.Congrats to Hov again. Em & co.-Iwould have preferred "Amazing" with KanYe and Jeezy. Or even "Make Her Say" with Cudi & co. Dope that Fabolous was nom'd for this award though!Best Rap Song-out of the nom's, yea "Run This Town". I still feel like "Dead and Gone" should have won A Grammy. It's a Grammy worthy song for sure. Sad my Cudi didn't win.=( Best Rap I love Commn's UMC. Mos Def is the shit. I don't why Em got that. Maybe cause it was a "comeback" album.Idk. KanYe should have been nom'd and won that award.

Best Alternative Album-Phoniex "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoniex"
Best Electronic/Dance Album-Lady Gaga "The Fame"

Congrats to Gaga, well deserved since she was robbed for Album of the Year. I LOVEEEEEEEE Phoniex! 1901 is my shiznit!

Ok other sad things about the Grammys:
1% Hip Hop-yo like wtf? Where was all the Hip Hop? I remember the Grammy's having like 2 to 3 performances! And showing more Hip Hop related awards being given out. Shoing my awards being given out period. Hip Hop was robbed last night. We should boycott the Grammy's till we get the proper respect and representation we deserve. What is the world withot Hip Hop? Think about it. Really think about it.

No KanYe-BOY were we all screaming "Where Are You Yeezy?". We're not sure if Ye was invited an just didn't go or was even invited at all! Ugh! KanYe is like Mr.Grammy himself. The Grammys felt weird without.Real talk. And Drake's performance would hae been even more special if Ye was there. Damn Ye!

No Chris Brown-via my twitter: You guys, Chris Brown is still doing community service. He's in VA. Watching the Grammys.Like the rest of us.Poor thing. Next yr, next yr. I'm sorry, but we all need tolearn how to forgive and forget, especialy when it comes to CB. In all reality, he didn't beat us up. *kanyeshrugs* I think CB can have his career back now. And I especially missed him during the Grammys cause he would hve killed that MJ tribute. When will someone let CB do it right? Like I said, CB wil come.Next yr, next yr.

Overal verdict-The Grammys was pie. I was not pleased with theshow this year. It made me so sad. But because the Grammy failed, I just hope the rest of the industry will succeed. I feel like starting my own award show to honor REAL artists. Not ones that major labels push all up in our faces. The ones who do what they for the love of music and not for the love of wealth and fame.

That is my 2 cents on the Grammys.Hopefully next year will be a more positive review! =D

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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