Review: The 52nd Grammys.[Performances]

Where the HELL do I start with this year's Grammys. SMH! What thee f*ck? I remember as chilld being so excited when the Grammys would come on. I would stop everything that I was doing and just sit at the TV and watch. Damn I miss my childhood. I almost cried last night yall. And for those who didn't watch it-yes, it was that bad. I'ma try my best to keep this short and sweet but I already have a feeling it's gonna be long as hell! Let's begin.

Show started with, what I thought to be a really dope performance, from the Fame Monster, Lady Gaga! The Fame Factory theme was illy. Then she ended it with a duet with the one and only Elton John, who is the shit. It was an amazing performance. Hate her or love her-Gaga can perform her butt off! literally. -_-

Then it was Green Day and the broadway cast of American Idiot. Yea, it's on Broadway. I aint know either. I didn't like the performace. It was kinda blah to me.

Next we had Beyonce-I mean Sasha Fierce.Yea people, you know that was Sasha's crazy ass. Performance started off dope with the futuristic soldiers with her but then she started singing "If I Were A Boy".Fail. C'mon Bey? We couldn't get "Sweet Dreams"? or even "Videophone" with Gaga? I forgot about "If I Were a Boy" for a reason! Then to make it even weirder, she randomly bust out and sings Alanis Morrsette's "You Oughta Know". -_- why? That IS my song, but where the hell did that come from? I don't know. The whole performance was a complete mind fuck for me. Still love Bey though.
Pink, who I love so much, performed "Glitter In the Air" and did some of her Circus type shit again. But this time she was spinning around and around and then had water poured on her and spinned even more and got everyone in the audience wet. HA! Nice simple performace.Thank you Pink.

The Black Eyed muthafreakin Peas killed it! That first song they did, "Imma Be"? *gets up and walks around saying "Whattttttttt?!"* That shit was dopeeee! J'adore Fergie! That song is straight Hip Hop glad to see that the BEP still got some of the Hip Hop vibe to them. And of course did the infamous, "I Gotta Feeling" and turned the Grammys into the party. The party was over when they walked off stage though.Crap.

Some country folks sang.

Then Jamie Foxx and T-Pain did "Blame It". Hate that song. Performance was iight til my Dougie Fresh came out! YASSSS! Then Slash? YASSSS! I would have been good with just a Dougie Fresh and Slash performance! Next year, next year.

MJ tribute with Celine Dion, Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Smokey Robinson, and Carrie Underwood=trash. Why are these MJ tributes so Like they're just stupid! How can we not know how to honor him correctly? Everybody just standing around and singing. Did MJ just stand around and sing? NO! Usher wanted to bust some moves so bad. I love the artists in the tribute but DAMN! MJ was full of energy, I'm sick of these lame ass tributes. BET aint do it right, MTV-well Janet killed it, now the Grammys? THE GRAMMYS GOT IT WRONG? Are you starting to see why the Grammys were sad this year?

Mary J.Blige and Andrea Bocelli-dope. Loved that performance.

Maxwell and Roberta Flack-don't shoot me but I aint know who she was. Real talk. I almost got murdered on twitter cause of that. SMH. I shall google later.=/ Pret-ty WANGS! lol I love saying that.

THEN, the moment all Hip Hop heads worldwide were waiting for. Drake.Wayne.Em. Man I was hype as hell and then Wayne started with "Drop the World" and-I couldn't hear shit! Censor people, kill yourselves. Like really? The little dose of Hip Hop we get all night and we can't hear it? Em came out-heard a little more.Drake came out started doing "Forever"-damn, still can't hear shit! I thought my TV was messed up! I'm changing channels and-I could barely watch the performance. But I was glad to just see Drake smile at the end. I'm happy for him.

Ok, I'ma do another post and the award winners and other sad crap. Say a lil prayer and shed a tear. The Grammys need it for next year.

Part II coming next.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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