Rihanna x DJ Skee.

Riri sits down with DJ Skee for a nice and simple interview.Rihanna and that damn hair! Change the weave, change the weave. But I like Rihanna and for those who have been reading my blog for the longest know that I always didn't have love for her. I just need my time and space. lol But no I love her. I agree with on Kesha. People who don't really listen to Kesha and just heard that one song of hers are the ones who hate, but if you actually listen to some of her other music, she is indeed talented. She is very dope.I'm not into the Superbowl this year. I only watch it if my Pats are in it.They disappoint AGAIN this year.UGH! Anywho, dope interview. And I have place in my heart for DJ Skee-he's dope.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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