Rude Boy.

Hmmm, this video. While I love the song, one of my favs off the album but I just wouldn't pick it as a single.Well maybe.I don't know, it just seems so predictable that the label would choose this song to out with as a single.I wanted her to come out with G4L as a single. Cause it's so "not a single" type song.We need the element of surprise people! A lot of twerking from Riri-this is new. It's an iight video.Looks like a knock off M.I.A vid like h.e.r kinda said.But I did love the parts with Rihanna banging on the drums.I lol'd when I saw her do that.I don't know But yea, all together, it was iight.Better luck next time Riri!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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