Term of the Day: Visiongasm.

fact:I like to make up words when I can't find the words that already exist to help me describe something.
So the other day, I was shopping with my girlie, Viv and we were at H&M.I saw a display of a scraf and just stopped in my tracks.Like I just froze and was like =O. They tied the scraf on the neck in this big ass bow! I have an addiction to bows and polka dots and big flowers-that's as girly as I get when it comes to clothes people. And Viv was like "What?" and I'm like,

"Do you see this? Oh My God this is soooooo dope! I'm having like a eargasm but like with my vision. Like a visiongasm!"

So yea, that's the word I made up to describe the visual version of a eargasm. Other things that give me a visiongasm:Range Rovers (all black or all grey), Taylor Lauter, girls with guns (cause it's so bad ass! I want a gun-BANG!), good grades, food in the frige, dope crewnecks, and cute tall boys in sweatpants and hoodies-don't ask.

So enjoy this word and give me my credit! "Cut the check!"


'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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