This Plane.

I just fell in love with Wiz Khalifa after watching this. Like I know a lot of people were on him and I have heard some tracks from him but I just refused to believe the hype.But I watched this and instead of believing the hype, i understand it. I still wanna hear more from him so I guess i'm get my google on but I will def check out any track or video I see from him from now on.

He sounds like a cross between Curren$y and Wale and a dash of XV-don't ask.It's the first thing I thought of as soon as he started rapping on this song.But I like his sound! I guess one could say it's original but I swear the names Wale and Curren$y popped up in my head.Maybe it's like a bunch of females are around each other for a long time they start to have their cyc-yall know what I'm talking But I love this song! The hook is hella dope! Dopeshit, Wiz! Keep it coming.

And remember people, anything and everything I say about an artist and their work is out of love and respect. If I didn't love it or even like it a bit, I would not waste my life posting about it.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Make sure you post about the record label!! Its completely run by teens!!

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