Throwback of Es: Lonely Limo.

Ok so since my beautiful baby, MyBlognisha (lol), is turning 2 tomorrow I was just going through old posts of mine for my own viewing/reading pleasure. [Sidenote:I don't do this often.I do it when I'm hella bored and when the net is hella boring.Like on] So I was looking through some of my old mixtape reviews/posts and came across this:I can't stop listening to the Lonely Limo. Now this was back in June of 09.I discovered Rich in April of 09. Started officially working with him like around August of 09.Just some info for you.But anyways, tell me why, I went to my music folder and went to The Lonely Limo mixtape, and  played the song Lonely Limo and felt the SAME EXACT way I felt when I first heard it and when I wrote the previous post.

I don't know what it is about this song but something just hits me and I feel it! You got a song like that? Like as soon as it comes on, you stop everything ya doing and feel it? It's like the world stops and you're just in the moment of pure bliss words don't do the feeling justice.I was like "I HAVE to post this right NOW!" Like real talk, one Sunday afternoon (always gotta be a Sunday, I was in my room playing the mixtape and this song came on. I started crying.Now, there are only a few songs in this world out of ALL the music I hear day to day that can actually bring me to tears.And this is one of them. I'm not one to blog about every personal detail of my life (I might touch on something in a metaphorical way.) but I've gone through some stuff personally, like within my own complex mind and this song, it just hits me and it's like...he knows.Like he knows exactly what happened to me and sang about it but without really knowing. It's a real "Killing Me Softly" Yall, I found out about Rich AFTER this mixtape dropped, so we weren't even like friends when this dropped.I just found out him.

This song basically represents why I love Rich as an artist and as a person. And this is why so many people can respect him.Like let's be real, who is really making music like Rich is? It does not get any realer than this.That is a fact! Sorry for this long post but this song came on and it triggered something in me.I just had to post it.And you might be sitting there reading this post like "She's only saying this shit cause she with Limos" No.Erase that from you mind right now. Cause I never thought that I would be working with Limos when I first discovered Rich.I thought he was just a dope artist I posted about.But I've been blessed with the opportunity to work with him and the whole crew.And Limos will always have a special place in my heart, believe that.So me saying all this now, is straight from the h-e-a-r-t and is raw as meat from a recently slaugthered cow(whoa, what the hell Es?lol).Fuck what ya heard and/or feel, this post is real.Let me stop, and enjoy this song on repeat and let you listen to this! Yea, its that deep.

Limos all day everyday.For life and after life.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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