Throwback of Es: The P!nk Overdose.

...I'm feeling a certain way today.So I decided to OD on some of my favorite tracks from the oh so dope singer/songwriter, P!nk.She too dope.Her voice is amazing and her lyrics are too real.She understands me.Love her.Enjoy!

 Family Portrait
The young girl in this video (probably a teenager now) did an excellent in this video.I love the whole concept.And this song is so real and deep, love it.There are many kids out there who feel this way.A lot of people slept on this song, never too late to wake up and recognize dopeness.

Just Like A Pill
P!nk was crankin some Lady Gaga fashion before we even heard of a Lady Gaga! lol Another great song.Ill songwriting.Dopeness.

There You Go
Holy snickerdoodle! This is from 2000? Damn I feel old! And damn P!nk has been in the industry for a minute! Can't go wrong with some good ol P!nk! Don't even lie-this was ya shit when it come out! Lol.This is was P!nk was with LaFace and seemed like a very light skin black girl.Lol "Sometimes it be's like, so there you go!" Slang.HA!

Don't Let Me Get Me
I'm mad her lyrics are so freakin relatable.They are so me but at the same time I'm thinking "Damn, am I that messed up?"Sometimes-yes.Other times-no.But love this song and the more of her videos I watch the more I think,"She is a fool!" lol

Last To Know
She SANG on this track! And she is acting just like my sister in this video! All anti social and shit. lmao! Even the hair-omg! lol

Hope you enjoyed my P!nk overdose.Yes, I was having a moment! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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