We Are The World.

#fact Michael Jackson turned in his grave when the "We Are the World" 2010 remix was being recorded. via Es's twitter

Pretty much my reaction to this fuckery.MJ, why did you have to go? DAMN DAMN DAMN! Lawrd was this a hot mess like I said it would be! I KNEW IT! I knew they would just ruin it ...ruin the whole thing.Poor Haiti, they already went through the earthquake-now this? Man! This was so terrible on levels I can't even think of! And to know that some musical geniuses were involved in this really makes me sad.Like I was crying not only from laughter but from just pure sadness.This was horrible.No one can tell me different. But don't get me wrong, there was some dopeness in this:

+Nipsey Hussle & Kid Cudi being involved-HA! just them in attendance in this recording session made my day.
+KanYe and Will.i.am's part=dopest part of the whole thing.
+Vocally: Mary J.Blige, Pink, Adam Levine(is that how you spell it? dude from Maroon 5.), Miley Cyrus, Celine Dion (legend! love her), Toni Braxton, Janet Jackson (*tear*love her), Usher, Fergie, Mary Mary, and of course the king himself, Michael Jackson
+Homegirl on the guitar! What's her name? She was dope! I like that song she has out too.
+As bad as this was, MJ somehow was still there to put some kind of dopeness in it! We miss you MJ *cries uncontrollably*
+And Wyclef, oh how I love Wyclef-God bless his soul.I just love him being all up in this and then some. Rep for ya people!

Downfalls that need to be pointed out:
+Jamie Foxx cranking a Ray Charles *side eye*
+That whole hip hop breakdown led by LL Cool J-wtf?
+All those older singer singing off key-that hurt my ears.
+Autotune being involved-they set themselves up for failure with that shit-where was Hov when this went down?

This was bad. Just bad.And if anyone challenges me and say "Well why don't you organize one and do something better" I could.I would.I should.I would get the dopest artists and totally flip this track-omg it would be the dopest!

 It's dope that it's for a good cause and all but I can not purchase this on iTunes and hurt my iPod by putting this mess in it.Yea, it's that bad.Still love all the artists involved-ugh! This was so bad.Damn.I think I'ma just donate through an organization, i can't download this.I'll buy a dope t-shirt or som-DAMN!

p.s.Mr.Richie totally took the words out of my mouth when he started off by saying "Wow." at the end of the video.-_-

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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