Where Did They Come From.

 I love LOVE love LOVE love LOVE LOVE LOVE this video! I'm mad the homies aren't gonna drop a final cut of the vid but I love this rough cut. Props to the director.I love the look of the video. But this video reminded me of Miami Vice! For real! Two guys, riding around-that's all the dudes in the movie were doing! lol And Rich and Bonic def should have taken some pics in front of the "Performing Live LIMOS" sign so I can use it for posts and press shit. lol errrr.But I'm loving this vid.Dopeshit.Enjoy people!

Call us junkies, fuck it you can trash it.-Rich Hil
probably one of my favorite lines from Rich.out of the millions of favorite lines of mine from him.lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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