Behind the XXL Freshmen 10 (2010) Photoshoot.

I still don't agree with the list. I really wanted XV, Nicki Minaj, Chip Tha Ripper on there. I mean my only really  disagreement in having OJ on this list and I stay by that cause I really don't understand how he beat out some many other actual MC's out right now.But whatever. I guess that's me being the typically hater blogger! I'm never the hater blogger! Ugh! But there's always, 2011. Hopefully XXl will do a little more research and analysis the imapct an upcoming MC actually has on the people.If they did that this time around, this list would be different.I really wanna know who comes the Freshmen 10 list ...we need to have a heart to heart. lol Love the presence of the West Coast on this list though! Even though I'm East Coast til I die, always had love for West Coast artists. Known about Jay Rock for a while, just started really listening to Nipsey, gotta listen to more Fashawn. Wiz is just so dope! I love his energy! Big Sean forever looking like he under the influence of something! lol No like really, I watch vids of him and he is either high, drunk, or like on a sugar rush! lmao J.Cole ...oooo J.Cole! I can never get enough of J.Cole. Love Him! ok, I'm just rambling-enjoy!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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