Cricketz [feat. Tyga]

New Boyz | MySpace Music Videos

I'm probably late on this video.Do I care? No.I'm a busy dopegirl, yall already know this! Anyways, I posted this song when it first come out and hit the web and loved it! I have no problem with guys wearing skinny jeans, I don't understand why people make it out to be like a world crisis. I mean, if your skinny jeans are so tight that they literally look like tights/pantyhoses, then we have a problem. That's a health crisis.If not, then let it be. Guys who wear skinny jeans tend to be nicer people, just saying! Besides the apparel, love the New Boyz! The only reason why people hate on them is cause they wear skinny jeans and jerk. If they didn't do that, I bet a lot more people would give the props cause they have bars! But without the skinnys and jerkin, a lot of people probably wouldn't know about them-it's a catch 22.Shame.But I love them and the are good MC's. As for Tyga, that's the homie and he is a BEAST! RAWR! Enjoy!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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