Diggy makes 106 & Park worth watching again.

I didn't watch this when it aired.Cause I don't watch 106 & Park, BET or TV period anymore. I use to watch that shit religiously. Shit fell of. But I'm happy to see Diggy on there! I'm such a fan and advocate for this dude! Like I'm really rooting him to Obama this game aka bring about some change. Yes we can muthafuckas! But dude is very lyrically, which is amazing like he didn't even graduate high school yet, how does he think like that? Lol jk jk. But like we all know and agree on, Diggy is dope. Case closed.

Terrance and Rocsi ...go somewhere. anywhere.just go.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


A. KING said…
its so funny cuz the only reason why kids watch 106 now is cuz kids my age and older watched like it was the only way to experience music but AJ and Free were the truth and had respect of the artist, diggy is cool but its just funny how you can tell he writes A LOT

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