Diggy Simmons sign with Atlantic Records.

Fellow dopegirl of mine told me the news via Twitter. And this was my reaction:

Dear Atlantic, you better do right by @diggy_simmons or i'll bomb your offices. With Love, dopegirlEs.

I usually don't like rappers I like getting signed to major labels. I either like them independent or like no label in any way at all. But I'm hoping and praying this industry does not fuck him over! Don't fuck with his sound.Don't fuck with his flow.Don't fuck with his money! Let Diggy be great! Dude is so talented and everytime he raps I'm mind blown! Did not know the dude had it in him! Def a fan of his work already! And yall know it takes me forever to really like an artist and believe in their work.He just might be an influence in this game like his father was. And that's the only thing I'm say about him being Run's son.We need to look at these cats as their own person. Diggy, Aaron Reid, Quincey, Rich Hil, all of them. Stop trying to make them live in the shadow of their parents. They're stars, let them shine.

NY Dail News x Diggy


p.s.i promise you i had this post in my drafts for like three days now! lol i wasn't late with this one! =P

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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