Discovery Of The Day: Keys.

Who's that girlllllll la la la la la la Keys that girlllllll!

I've been hearing about some chick who straight went in on Nicki Minaj but I watched a video a while back and thought everyone was talking about the little light skin chicka from the Bay talking about barbies! WRONG! Everyone was talking about 20 year old B-More female rapper, Keys! I just saw the video on Tumblr-yo, I think she my new favorite female rapper! And it's been a while since I've had a favorite female rapper. Lil Kim of the 90's was still my favorite female rapper. lol But Keys? ...Keys? She is dope. She's officially a dopegirl. Dopekidz are kill it these days I'm telling you!

I think what I like about her the most is that, she's a beast! I'm tired of all these female rappers talking about shoes, and cars, and dudes giving them head-ugh! Rap about something we actually care about! And Keys is right, she's lyrical as fuck. She could have easily been like "Fuck Nicki Minaj, no one likes barbies/You look stupid, you can't rap-sorry!" EASILY! But she didn't! She did what any rapper should do, RAP! Lyrically! And don't get me wrong, Nicki Minaj does have bars ...when she's not on that Barbie shit. Nicki was dope before she got signed. *KanYe shrugs* But back to what's important, Keys is important. We need more "Keys" in this game. I almost gave up on the thought that we could have a dope female rapper in the game right now. Keys gave me hope. I'm so happy right now! This girl is amazing! Where's her mixtape? Where's her album? Give me something. She's a BEAST! Kill'em! Tearing rappers apart! LYRICALLY! lol Omg, I'ma just posted the video-do you know how many punch lines I got from her from this one video?! Let me put a few on here...

"The rap game hungry, tell'em that I'm calories!" ...damn.
"I don't get gifts, nigga put me on the salary!" ...damn.
"I'm an infection, how you gon' stop it?/I'm all up in ya bloodstream, no antibotics!" ...DAMN!!!!!
and my favorite, "I'm a muthafuckin bully, I ain't worried about the fame!"-I need that on a shirt.

BEAST! Still not convinced? Video please!

Keys is dope.Case closed.Carry on.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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