Drake performs "Over" on MTV's Spring Break.

I think I'm gonna cry. This performance was horrible. I like the idea of the live band but this band did not do the glorious beat that Boi1Da did justice. And on top of that, Drake I think has become just a little too full of himself. Just a little. When I first started seeing footage of him performing live and stuff I felt like he needed more performance skills. Like it's hard to kinda vibe with him when he's performing. He's lucky his music is just so fuckin dope that many people could care less about how he's performing it, but this was probably the worst performance I've seen him. The fuckin song didn't even sound the same! Like the verses? What happened to all the punch behind the punch lines? I'm so disappointed.And it's a shame that this performance sucked cause it was the first time he performed this single on TV. Smh. I don't know, maybe it was mad hot or something. Enjoy? lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


Brandon said…
dude just is a bad performer! thats his flaw! sadddd

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